Our Head Office

Since the start of the pandemic, everyone is now working from home, the open-plan offices like we had are obsolete in our industry. We are in 2022 and no accomplished client will physically move to open a door and register with an agency. We have seen this shift over the years, we have been on the street since 1995 and now we are optimizing remotely with technologies adapted to the needs of the client. We still decided to leave the photos of our old offices on the site to show our 4 workstations, a conference room and a business telephone system with cascading lines. The offices had to close at Christmas 2020 (last photo) but we got organized quickly thanks to a major investment in programming where all actions are now logged and everyone can work remotely with an IP telephony system and security codes. access for each User. In addition, our algorithms are very efficient, which brings a success rate of around 80%. For those who still wish to obtain a face-to-face profiling service, it is possible with an extra $100 for the agent’s trip, either to your home or to a public place near you.